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MEET : 10 East Track And Field Invitational
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PUSH Track and Field
10 East
Rise N Fly Track Club
PowerPlay Youth Track
Inland Valley TT
Storm Track Club
Temecula Valley Time Machine
Optimum SP
Optimum Speed

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Girls 8 and Under
Girls 14 years old
Boys 9 years old
Boys 10 years old
Girls 12 years old
Boys 14 years old
Girls 9 years old
Boys 11 years old
Boys 15 and 16 years old
Girls 15 and 16 years old
Boys 13 years old
Boys 12 years old
Girls 13 years old
Girls 10 years old
Boys 8 and Under
Girls 11 years old

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Long Jump
100M Hurdles
800M Sprint Medly
Shot Put
80M Hurdles
Mini Javelin
High Jump
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Temecula Valley Time Machine
DivisionEventAthleteEntry Mark
Boys 11 years old100MEvan Redd00:00.00
Boys 11 years old100MJackson Toth00:00.00
Boys 11 years old100MJacob Dugan00:00.00
Boys 11 years old100MWilliam Clarke00:00.00
Boys 11 years old1500MZachary Shoaf00:00.00
Boys 11 years old200MEvan Redd00:00.00
Boys 11 years old200MJackson Toth00:00.00
Boys 11 years old200MJacob Dugan00:00.00
Boys 11 years old200MNeko Bullock00:00.00
Boys 11 years old200MWilliam Clarke00:00.00
Boys 11 years old3000MZachary Shoaf00:00.00
Boys 11 years old400MJackson Toth00:00.00
Boys 11 years old400MJacob Dugan00:00.00
Boys 11 years old400MNeko Bullock00:00.00
Boys 11 years old400MWilliam Clarke00:00.00
Boys 11 years old800MNeko Bullock00:00.00
Boys 11 years oldShot PutEvan Redd0.00M
Boys 15 and 16 years old100MJayden Anderson00:00.00
Boys 15 and 16 years old200MJayden Anderson00:00.00
Boys 15 and 16 years old3000MKoda Robinson00:00.00
Boys 15 and 16 years old400MJayden Anderson00:00.00
Boys 15 and 16 years old400MKoda Robinson00:00.00
Boys 15 and 16 years oldHigh JumpJayden Anderson0.00M
Boys 14 years old100MJason Stewart00:00.00
Boys 14 years old200MJason Stewart00:00.00
Boys 14 years old3000MIsaiah Bullock00:00.00
Boys 14 years old3000MNick Gaffney00:00.00
Boys 14 years old400MJason Stewart00:00.00
Boys 14 years old400MNick Gaffney00:00.00
Boys 14 years old800MIsaiah Bullock00:00.00
Boys 9 years old100MAce Geka00:00.00
Boys 9 years old100MJaden Funes00:00.00
Boys 9 years old200MJaden Funes00:00.00
Boys 9 years old200MJosiah Poyer00:00.00
Boys 9 years old200MJuel McAlister00:00.00
Boys 9 years old400MJuel McAlister00:00.00
Boys 9 years old800M Sprint MedlyAce Geka00:00.00
Boys 9 years old800M Sprint MedlyJaden Funes00:00.00
Boys 9 years old800M Sprint MedlyJosiah Poyer00:00.00
Boys 9 years old800M Sprint MedlyJuel McAlister00:00.00
Boys 9 years oldLong JumpAce Geka0.00M
Boys 9 years oldShot PutJosiah Poyer0.00M
Boys 10 years old100MCalvin Thomas00:00.00
Boys 10 years old100MJayden Scott00:00.00
Boys 10 years old100MJeremiah Watson00:00.00
Boys 10 years old100MNathan Brandy00:00.00
Boys 10 years old1500MKaden Clarke00:00.00
Boys 10 years old200MCalvin Thomas00:00.00
Boys 10 years old200MJayden Scott00:00.00
Boys 10 years old200MJeremiah Watson00:00.00
Boys 10 years old200MNathan Brandy00:00.00
Boys 10 years old400MElias Radley00:00.00
Boys 10 years old400MJayden Scott00:00.00
Boys 10 years old400MJeremiah Watson00:00.00
Boys 10 years old400MNathan Brandy00:00.00
Boys 10 years old800M Sprint MedlyCalvin Thomas00:00.00
Boys 10 years old800M Sprint MedlyElias Radley00:00.00
Boys 10 years old800MElias Radley00:00.00
Boys 10 years old800MKaden Clarke00:00.00
Boys 13 years old100MDominic Holguin00:00.00
Boys 13 years old100MJackson Weng00:00.00
Boys 13 years old100MMiles Dickson00:00.00
Boys 13 years old1500MDrew Thompson00:00.00
Boys 13 years old1500MGabriel Mercado00:00.00
Boys 13 years old1500MSantiago Alvarez00:00.00
Boys 13 years old200MDominic Holguin00:00.00
Boys 13 years old200MJackson Weng00:00.00
Boys 13 years old200MMiles Dickson00:00.00
Boys 13 years old3000MDrew Thompson00:00.00
Boys 13 years old400MDominic Holguin00:00.00
Boys 13 years old400MMiles Dickson00:00.00
Boys 13 years old800MGabriel Mercado00:00.00
Boys 13 years old800MSantiago Alvarez00:00.00
Boys 13 years oldHigh JumpDrew Thompson0.00M
Boys 13 years oldShot PutJackson Weng0.00M
Boys 12 years old100MAndrew Poyer00:00.00
Boys 12 years old100MEthan Baish00:00.00
Boys 12 years old100MKoside Nwafor00:00.00
Boys 12 years old100MMichael Thomas00:00.00
Boys 12 years old100MPatrick Badell00:00.00
Boys 12 years old1500MJack Paradise00:00.00
Boys 12 years old1500MZeke Fiala00:00.00
Boys 12 years old200MAlijah Ratliff00:00.00
Boys 12 years old200MAndrew Poyer00:00.00
Boys 12 years old200MChigozie Okam00:00.00
Boys 12 years old200MEthan Baish00:00.00
Boys 12 years old200MIsa Radley00:00.00
Boys 12 years old200MKoside Nwafor00:00.00
Boys 12 years old200MMichael Thomas00:00.00
Boys 12 years old200MPatrick Badell00:00.00
Boys 12 years old3000MJack Paradise00:00.00
Boys 12 years old400MAlijah Ratliff00:00.00
Boys 12 years old400MChigozie Okam00:00.00
Boys 12 years old400MEthan Baish00:00.00
Boys 12 years old400MIsa Radley00:00.00
Boys 12 years old400MKoside Nwafor00:00.00
Boys 12 years old400MPatrick Badell00:00.00
Boys 12 years old400MZeke Fiala00:00.00
Boys 12 years old800M Sprint MedlyAlijah Ratliff00:00.00
Boys 12 years old800M Sprint MedlyChigozie Okam00:00.00
Boys 12 years old800M Sprint MedlyIsa Radley00:00.00
Boys 12 years old800M Sprint MedlyMichael Thomas00:00.00
Boys 12 years old800MZeke Fiala00:00.00
Boys 12 years oldShot PutAndrew Poyer0.00M
Boys 8 and Under100MAaron Redd00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MEthan Brandy00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MJulian Dixon00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MKristopher Lee00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MMason Dickson00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MNahki Newby00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MTrone Cox00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under1500MJack Pfeil00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MAaron Redd00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MEthan Brandy00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MJulian Dixon00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MKristopher Lee00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MMason Dickson00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MNahki Newby00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MTrone Cox00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MJack Pfeil00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MTrone Cox00:00.00
Boys 8 and UnderMini JavelinEthan Brandy0.00M
Boys 8 and UnderMini JavelinJack Pfeil0.00M
Boys 8 and UnderMini JavelinJulian Dixon0.00M
Boys 8 and UnderMini JavelinNahki Newby0.00M
Boys 8 and UnderShot PutAaron Redd0.00M
Girls 11 years old200MAmarachi Okam00:00.00
Girls 11 years old400MAmarachi Okam00:00.00
Girls 11 years old800M Sprint MedlyAmarachi Okam00:00.00
Girls 14 years old100MDeanna Irwin00:00.00
Girls 14 years old100MMadison Hudson00:00.00
Girls 14 years old100MMorgan Dickson00:00.00
Girls 14 years old100MSiffronia D\'Abreau00:00.00
Girls 14 years old1500MAinslee Robbins00:00.00
Girls 14 years old1500MKelli Gaffney00:00.00
Girls 14 years old200MDeanna Irwin00:00.00
Girls 14 years old200MMadison Hudson00:00.00
Girls 14 years old200MMorgan Dickson00:00.00
Girls 14 years old200MSiffronia D\'Abreau00:00.00
Girls 14 years old3000MAinslee Robbins00:00.00
Girls 14 years old3000MKelli Gaffney00:00.00
Girls 14 years old400MMorgan Dickson00:00.00
Girls 14 years old400MSiffronia D\'Abreau00:00.00
Girls 14 years old800M Sprint MedlyMorgan Dickson00:00.00
Girls 14 years old800MAinslee Robbins00:00.00
Girls 14 years old800MBella Smith00:00.00
Girls 14 years oldHigh JumpDeanna Irwin0.00M
Girls 14 years oldHigh JumpMadison Hudson0.00M
Girls 14 years oldLong JumpMadison Hudson0.00M
Girls 9 years old100MAdoara Nwafor00:00.00
Girls 9 years old200MAdoara Nwafor00:00.00
Girls 9 years old400MAdoara Nwafor00:00.00
Girls 10 years old100MDelaney O\'Coyne00:00.00
Girls 10 years old100MZoe Fiala00:00.00
Girls 10 years old1500MEsther Nelson00:00.00
Girls 10 years old200MDelaney O\'Coyne00:00.00
Girls 10 years old200MZoe Fiala00:00.00
Girls 10 years old400MDelaney O\'Coyne00:00.00
Girls 10 years old400MEsther Nelson00:00.00
Girls 10 years old400MZoe Fiala00:00.00
Girls 10 years old800MEsther Nelson00:00.00
Girls 13 years old100MHeaven Shirley00:00.00
Girls 13 years old100MKaila Robinson00:00.00
Girls 13 years old100M HurdlesSamarra Blake00:00.00
Girls 13 years old1500MJessalyn Hall00:00.00
Girls 13 years old1500MJoelle Upshur00:00.00
Girls 13 years old1500MKali Kraus00:00.00
Girls 13 years old1500MLaura Shoaf00:00.00
Girls 13 years old1500MMeilani Castillo00:00.00
Girls 13 years old200MHeaven Shirley00:00.00
Girls 13 years old200MKaila Robinson00:00.00
Girls 13 years old200MSamarra Blake00:00.00
Girls 13 years old3000MLaura Shoaf00:00.00
Girls 13 years old400MSamarra Blake00:00.00
Girls 13 years old800M Sprint MedlyHeaven Shirley00:00.00
Girls 13 years old800M Sprint MedlyKaila Robinson00:00.00
Girls 13 years old800M Sprint MedlySamarra Blake00:00.00
Girls 13 years old800MJessalyn Hall00:00.00
Girls 13 years old800MJoelle Upshur00:00.00
Girls 13 years old800MKali Kraus00:00.00
Girls 13 years old800MMeilani Castillo00:00.00
Girls 13 years oldLong JumpHeaven Shirley0.00M
Girls 13 years oldLong JumpKaila Robinson0.00M
Girls 12 years old100MAlexandria Oyawale00:00.00
Girls 12 years old100MAlyssa Alumbres00:00.00
Girls 12 years old1500MAvery Lynas00:00.00
Girls 12 years old1500MEmily Donofrio00:00.00
Girls 12 years old200MAlexandria Oyawale00:00.00
Girls 12 years old200MAlyssa Alumbres00:00.00
Girls 12 years old200MJaylen Spencer00:00.00
Girls 12 years old200MShelly Coates00:00.00
Girls 12 years old3000MAvery Lynas00:00.00
Girls 12 years old400MErika Kirk00:00.00
Girls 12 years old400MJaylen Spencer00:00.00
Girls 12 years old800MErika Kirk00:00.00
Girls 12 years oldHigh JumpErika Kirk0.00M
Girls 12 years oldHigh JumpJaylen Spencer0.00M
Girls 12 years oldHigh JumpShelly Coates0.00M
Girls 12 years oldLong JumpAlyssa Alumbres0.00M
Girls 12 years oldLong JumpShelly Coates0.00M
Girls 12 years oldShot PutAlexandria Oyawale0.00M
Girls 8 and Under100MAlicia Baisch00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MCamryn Johnson00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MParis Lewis00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MTorika Geka00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MAlicia Baisch00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MCamryn Johnson00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MParis Lewis00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MTorika Geka00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under400MAlicia Baisch00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under400MParis Lewis00:00.00
Girls 8 and UnderMini JavelinCamryn Johnson0.00M
Girls 8 and UnderMini JavelinTorika Geka0.00M
Storm Track Club
DivisionEventAthleteEntry Mark
Boys 11 years old100MBalyle Timmons00:00.00
Boys 11 years old100MBurrell Lugo00:00.00
Boys 11 years old100MMichae Longsworth00:00.00
Boys 11 years old200MBalyle Timmons00:00.00
Boys 11 years old200MBurrell Lugo00:00.00
Boys 11 years old200MMichae Longsworth00:00.00
Boys 11 years oldLong JumpBalyle Timmons0.00M
Boys 11 years oldLong JumpBurrell Lugo0.00M
Boys 11 years oldMini JavelinMichae Longsworth0.00M
Boys 9 years old100MBrycen Dillard00:00.00
Boys 9 years old100MMitchell Dillard00:00.00
Boys 9 years old200MBrycen Dillard00:00.00
Boys 9 years old200MMitchell Dillard00:00.00
Boys 9 years oldLong JumpBrycen Dillard0.00M
Boys 9 years oldMini JavelinMitchell Dillard0.00M
Boys 8 and Under100MMicharri Lingsworth00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MPrinceton Boykins00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MMicharri Lingsworth00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MPrinceton Boykins00:00.00
Boys 8 and UnderLong JumpMicharri Lingsworth0.00M
Boys 8 and UnderMini JavelinPrinceton Boykins0.00M
Girls 8 and Under100MBaylee Timmons00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MBaylee Timmons00:00.00
Girls 8 and UnderLong JumpBaylee Timmons0.00M
Inland Valley TT
DivisionEventAthleteEntry Mark
Boys 11 years old100MJelani Hagan00:00.00
Boys 11 years old200MJelani Hagan00:00.00
Boys 11 years old400MJelani Hagan00:00.00
Boys 14 years old100MJayden Bell00:00.00
Boys 14 years old1500MNicholas Hernandez00:00.00
Boys 14 years old200MJames Milner00:00.00
Boys 14 years old200MJayden Bell00:00.00
Boys 14 years old3000MNicholas Hernandez00:00.00
Boys 14 years old400MJames Milner00:00.00
Boys 14 years old400MJayden Bell00:00.00
Boys 14 years old800M Sprint MedlyAhmad Hagan00:00.00
Boys 14 years old800M Sprint MedlyAndrew Aitchison00:00.00
Boys 14 years old800M Sprint MedlyJames Milner00:00.00
Boys 14 years old800M Sprint MedlyJayden Bell00:00.00
Boys 14 years old800MJames Milner00:00.00
Boys 14 years old800MNicholas Hernandez00:00.00
Boys 9 years old400MJoshua Stephens00:00.00
Boys 9 years old800MJoshua Stephens00:00.00
Boys 9 years oldShot PutJoshua Stephens0.00M
Boys 10 years old100MDevin Dillard00:00.00
Boys 10 years old100MIsaiah Dillard00:00.00
Boys 10 years old100MJuelz McCray00:00.00
Boys 10 years old200MDevin Dillard00:00.00
Boys 10 years old200MIsaiah Dillard00:00.00
Boys 10 years old200MJuelz McCray00:00.00
Boys 10 years old400MJuelz McCray00:00.00
Boys 10 years oldLong JumpIsaiah Dillard0.00M
Boys 10 years oldShot PutDevin Dillard0.00M
Boys 13 years old100MAhmad Hagan00:00.00
Boys 13 years old100MAndrew Aitchison00:00.00
Boys 13 years old200MAhmad Hagan00:00.00
Boys 13 years old200MAndrew Aitchison00:00.00
Boys 13 years old400MAhmad Hagan00:00.00
Boys 13 years old400MAndrew Aitchison00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MBennett Materiale00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MCarter Brown00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MJayden Dillard00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MBennett Materiale00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MCarter Brown00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MJayden Dillard00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MCarter Brown00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MJayden Dillard00:00.00
Boys 8 and UnderShot PutBennett Materiale0.00M
Girls 9 years old200MEvangelina Aitchison00:00.00
Girls 9 years old400MEvangelina Aitchison00:00.00
Girls 10 years old100MJazmine Bell00:00.00
Girls 10 years old100MMakayla Jackson00:00.00
Girls 10 years old200MJazmine Bell00:00.00
Girls 10 years old200MMakayla Jackson00:00.00
Girls 10 years old400MNicolette Esomonu00:00.00
Girls 10 years old800M Sprint MedlyEvangelina Aitchison00:00.00
Girls 10 years old800M Sprint MedlyJazmine Bell00:00.00
Girls 10 years old800M Sprint MedlyMakayla Jackson00:00.00
Girls 10 years old800M Sprint MedlyNicolette Esomonu00:00.00
Girls 10 years oldLong JumpNicolette Esomonu0.00M
Girls 12 years old100MAyallah DeArman00:00.00
Girls 12 years old100MKolena Apana00:00.00
Girls 12 years old200MAyallah DeArman00:00.00
Girls 12 years old200MKolena Apana00:00.00
Girls 12 years old400MKolena Apana00:00.00
Girls 12 years oldLong JumpAyallah DeArman0.00M
Girls 8 and Under100MLilah Black00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MMcKenzie Adkins00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MBrielle Bell00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MLilah Black00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MMcKenzie Adkins00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under400MBrielle Bell00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under400MLilah Black00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under800MBrielle Bell00:00.00
Girls 8 and UnderLong JumpMcKenzie Adkins0.00M
10 East
DivisionEventAthleteEntry Mark
Boys 11 years old100MAden Warschaw00:00.00
Boys 11 years old100MAmir Rogers00:00.00
Boys 11 years old100MAndrew Toledo00:00.00
Boys 11 years old100MChris Estrada00:00.00
Boys 11 years old100MCyrus Reyes00:00.00
Boys 11 years old100MDallas Martinez00:00.00
Boys 11 years old100MDamian Martinez00:00.00
Boys 11 years old100MDuke Okorafor00:00.00
Boys 11 years old100MKeshaun White00:00.00
Boys 11 years old100MMarlon Altamirano00:00.00
Boys 11 years old100MMason Romero00:00.00
Boys 11 years old100MSayani Long00:00.00
Boys 11 years old1500MGerman Carvallo00:00.00
Boys 11 years old1500MMarlon Camas00:00.00
Boys 11 years old200MAden Warschaw00:00.00
Boys 11 years old200MAmir Rogers00:00.00
Boys 11 years old200MAndrew Toledo00:00.00
Boys 11 years old200MChris Estrada00:00.00
Boys 11 years old200MCyrus Reyes00:00.00
Boys 11 years old200MDamian Martinez00:00.00
Boys 11 years old200MDuke Okorafor00:00.00
Boys 11 years old200MFREDDY GARCIA00:00.00
Boys 11 years old200MJacob Gonzales00:00.00
Boys 11 years old200MJosiah Dobdon00:00.00
Boys 11 years old200MKeshaun White00:00.00
Boys 11 years old200MKevin Vasquez00:00.00
Boys 11 years old200MMarlon Altamirano00:00.00
Boys 11 years old200MMason Romero00:00.00
Boys 11 years old200MPreston Russo00:00.00
Boys 11 years old200MSayani Long00:00.00
Boys 11 years old400MAden Warschaw00:00.00
Boys 11 years old400MAmir Rogers00:00.00
Boys 11 years old400MAndrew Toledo00:00.00
Boys 11 years old400MChris Estrada00:00.00
Boys 11 years old400MDallas Martinez00:00.00
Boys 11 years old400MDamian Martinez00:00.00
Boys 11 years old400MDuke Okorafor00:00.00
Boys 11 years old400MFREDDY GARCIA00:00.00
Boys 11 years old400MJacob Gonzales00:00.00
Boys 11 years old400MKeshaun White00:00.00
Boys 11 years old400MKevin Vasquez00:00.00
Boys 11 years old400MMarlon Altamirano00:00.00
Boys 11 years old400MMarlon Camas00:00.00
Boys 11 years old400MMason Romero00:00.00
Boys 11 years old400MPreston Russo00:00.00
Boys 11 years old400MSayani Long00:00.00
Boys 11 years old800MDallas Martinez00:00.00
Boys 11 years old800MFREDDY GARCIA00:00.00
Boys 11 years old800MGerman Carvallo00:00.00
Boys 11 years old800MJacob Gonzales00:00.00
Boys 11 years old800MMarlon Camas00:00.00
Boys 11 years oldLong JumpCyrus Reyes0.00M
Boys 11 years oldLong JumpJosiah Dobdon0.00M
Boys 11 years oldLong JumpPreston Russo0.00M
Boys 11 years oldShot PutJosiah Dobdon0.00M
Boys 15 and 16 years old100MIsaac Kaisershot00:00.00
Boys 15 and 16 years old1500MShaise Abasolo00:00.00
Boys 15 and 16 years old200MIsaac Kaisershot00:00.00
Boys 15 and 16 years old400MIsaac Kaisershot00:00.00
Boys 15 and 16 years old400MShaise Abasolo00:00.00
Boys 15 and 16 years old800MShaise Abasolo00:00.00
Boys 14 years old100MCozae McCall00:00.00
Boys 14 years old100MJacob Petrick00:00.00
Boys 14 years old100M HurdlesJoseph Messika00:00.00
Boys 14 years old100M HurdlesKenechukwu Okonkwo00:00.00
Boys 14 years old200MCozae McCall00:00.00
Boys 14 years old200MJacob Petrick00:00.00
Boys 14 years old200MJamir Jackson00:00.00
Boys 14 years old200MJoseph Messika00:00.00
Boys 14 years old200MKenechukwu Okonkwo00:00.00
Boys 14 years old400MCozae McCall00:00.00
Boys 14 years old400MJacob Petrick00:00.00
Boys 14 years old400MJamir Jackson00:00.00
Boys 14 years old400MJoseph Messika00:00.00
Boys 14 years old400MKenechukwu Okonkwo00:00.00
Boys 14 years old800M Sprint MedlyKenechukwu Okonkwo00:00.00
Boys 14 years old800M Sprint MedlyNehemiah Williams00:00.00
Boys 9 years old100MBrahmleen Brar00:00.00
Boys 9 years old100MChamp Rangel00:00.00
Boys 9 years old100MDani Lozano00:00.00
Boys 9 years old100MDaron Daniels00:00.00
Boys 9 years old100MGuy Plumb00:00.00
Boys 9 years old100MJashandeep Singh00:00.00
Boys 9 years old100MKaleb Reyes00:00.00
Boys 9 years old100MKedan Ridley00:00.00
Boys 9 years old100MMohammed Ramadan00:00.00
Boys 9 years old100MNoah Lynn00:00.00
Boys 9 years old100MROGER GRAHAM00:00.00
Boys 9 years old100MShad Abasolo00:00.00
Boys 9 years old100MShane Gamble00:00.00
Boys 9 years old100Mraymond drew00:00.00
Boys 9 years old100Mryan rampenthal00:00.00
Boys 9 years old1500MChamp Rangel00:00.00
Boys 9 years old1500MMichael Pena00:00.00
Boys 9 years old1500MShad Abasolo00:00.00
Boys 9 years old200MBrahmleen Brar00:00.00
Boys 9 years old200MDani Lozano00:00.00
Boys 9 years old200MDaron Daniels00:00.00
Boys 9 years old200MGuy Plumb00:00.00
Boys 9 years old200MJayden Lomack00:00.00
Boys 9 years old200MKaleb Reyes00:00.00
Boys 9 years old200MKedan Ridley00:00.00
Boys 9 years old200MMohammed Ramadan00:00.00
Boys 9 years old200MNoah Lynn00:00.00
Boys 9 years old200MROGER GRAHAM00:00.00
Boys 9 years old200MShane Gamble00:00.00
Boys 9 years old200Mraymond drew00:00.00
Boys 9 years old200Mryan rampenthal00:00.00
Boys 9 years old400MBri Maglinte00:00.00
Boys 9 years old400MChamp Rangel00:00.00
Boys 9 years old400MDani Lozano00:00.00
Boys 9 years old400MDaron Daniels00:00.00
Boys 9 years old400MGuy Plumb00:00.00
Boys 9 years old400MKaleb Reyes00:00.00
Boys 9 years old400MKedan Ridley00:00.00
Boys 9 years old400MMohammed Ramadan00:00.00
Boys 9 years old400MROGER GRAHAM00:00.00
Boys 9 years old400MShane Gamble00:00.00
Boys 9 years old400Mraymond drew00:00.00
Boys 9 years old400Mryan rampenthal00:00.00
Boys 9 years old800MBri Maglinte00:00.00
Boys 9 years old800MMichael Pena00:00.00
Boys 9 years old800MShad Abasolo00:00.00
Boys 9 years oldLong JumpBrahmleen Brar0.00M
Boys 9 years oldLong JumpBri Maglinte0.00M
Boys 9 years oldLong JumpJayden Lomack0.00M
Boys 9 years oldMini JavelinJashandeep Singh0.00M
Boys 9 years oldShot PutJashandeep Singh0.00M
Boys 9 years oldShot PutJayden Lomack0.00M
Boys 10 years old100MAbyl Williams00:00.00
Boys 10 years old100MBronson Hogue00:00.00
Boys 10 years old100MGavin Woods00:00.00
Boys 10 years old100MIsaac Castaneda00:00.00
Boys 10 years old100MIsaac Salgado00:00.00
Boys 10 years old100MJahari Grant00:00.00
Boys 10 years old100MMaurice Jefferson jr00:00.00
Boys 10 years old100MMax Murillo00:00.00
Boys 10 years old100MQuran Clayton00:00.00
Boys 10 years old100MShai Richards00:00.00
Boys 10 years old100Maiden sanchez00:00.00
Boys 10 years old1500MAlessandro Garcia00:00.00
Boys 10 years old1500MBrandon Balice00:00.00
Boys 10 years old1500MGavin Diggs00:00.00
Boys 10 years old1500MIsaac Castaneda00:00.00
Boys 10 years old1500MMax Murillo00:00.00
Boys 10 years old1500MNathan Himle00:00.00
Boys 10 years old200MAbyl Williams00:00.00
Boys 10 years old200MBronson Hogue00:00.00
Boys 10 years old200MGavin Woods00:00.00
Boys 10 years old200MIsaac Salgado00:00.00
Boys 10 years old200MJacob Cardozo00:00.00
Boys 10 years old200MJahari Grant00:00.00
Boys 10 years old200MJordan Spencer00:00.00
Boys 10 years old200MMaurice Jefferson jr00:00.00
Boys 10 years old200MQuran Clayton00:00.00
Boys 10 years old200Maiden sanchez00:00.00
Boys 10 years old400MGavin Woods00:00.00
Boys 10 years old400MIsaac Salgado00:00.00
Boys 10 years old400MJacob Cardozo00:00.00
Boys 10 years old400MJahari Grant00:00.00
Boys 10 years old400MJordan Spencer00:00.00
Boys 10 years old400MNathan Himle00:00.00
Boys 10 years old400MShai Richards00:00.00
Boys 10 years old800MAlessandro Garcia00:00.00
Boys 10 years old800MBrandon Balice00:00.00
Boys 10 years old800MGavin Diggs00:00.00
Boys 10 years old800MIsaac Castaneda00:00.00
Boys 10 years old800MMax Murillo00:00.00
Boys 10 years old800MNathan Himle00:00.00
Boys 10 years old800Maiden sanchez00:00.00
Boys 10 years oldLong JumpAbyl Williams0.00M
Boys 10 years oldLong JumpGavin Diggs0.00M
Boys 10 years oldLong JumpJordan Spencer0.00M
Boys 10 years oldLong JumpMaurice Jefferson jr0.00M
Boys 10 years oldLong JumpQuran Clayton0.00M
Boys 10 years oldLong JumpShai Richards0.00M
Boys 13 years old100MAidan McDonald00:00.00
Boys 13 years old100MDerek Baldwin00:00.00
Boys 13 years old100MElijah Smith00:00.00
Boys 13 years old100MEvin Gibbs00:00.00
Boys 13 years old100MFemi Odulate00:00.00
Boys 13 years old100MJamari Willis00:00.00
Boys 13 years old100MZion Smith00:00.00
Boys 13 years old100M HurdlesZion Smith00:00.00
Boys 13 years old1500MDamien Zemanek00:00.00
Boys 13 years old1500MJoshua Escobedo00:00.00
Boys 13 years old200MAidan McDonald00:00.00
Boys 13 years old200MDerek Baldwin00:00.00
Boys 13 years old200MEric Fimbres00:00.00
Boys 13 years old200MEvin Gibbs00:00.00
Boys 13 years old200MFemi Odulate00:00.00
Boys 13 years old200MJamari Willis00:00.00
Boys 13 years old200MJamontay Jackson00:00.00
Boys 13 years old200MMathew Jackson00:00.00
Boys 13 years old200MOrlando Soriano00:00.00
Boys 13 years old200MZion Smith00:00.00
Boys 13 years old3000MDamien Zemanek00:00.00
Boys 13 years old3000MJoshua Escobedo00:00.00
Boys 13 years old400MAidan McDonald00:00.00
Boys 13 years old400MDerek Baldwin00:00.00
Boys 13 years old400MElijah Smith00:00.00
Boys 13 years old400MEric Fimbres00:00.00
Boys 13 years old400MFemi Odulate00:00.00
Boys 13 years old400MJamari Willis00:00.00
Boys 13 years old400MJamontay Jackson00:00.00
Boys 13 years old400MMathew Jackson00:00.00
Boys 13 years old400MOrlando Soriano00:00.00
Boys 13 years old800M Sprint MedlyDerek Baldwin00:00.00
Boys 13 years old800M Sprint MedlyZion Smith00:00.00
Boys 13 years old800MDamien Zemanek00:00.00
Boys 13 years old800MEric Fimbres00:00.00
Boys 13 years old800MJoshua Escobedo00:00.00
Boys 13 years old800MOrlando Soriano00:00.00
Boys 13 years oldLong JumpElijah Smith0.00M
Boys 13 years oldLong JumpFemi Odulate0.00M
Boys 12 years old100MAmare Lochard00:00.00
Boys 12 years old100MAngel Sanchez00:00.00
Boys 12 years old100MChristian Long00:00.00
Boys 12 years old100MChristopher Reed00:00.00
Boys 12 years old100MDawson Martinez00:00.00
Boys 12 years old100MDurand Johnson00:00.00
Boys 12 years old100MJordan Dailey00:00.00
Boys 12 years old100MKwame Parrish00:00.00
Boys 12 years old100MNathan Downs00:00.00
Boys 12 years old100MRichard Murillo00:00.00
Boys 12 years old100MRobert Dekard00:00.00
Boys 12 years old1500MRichard Murillo00:00.00
Boys 12 years old200MAmare Lochard00:00.00
Boys 12 years old200MAngel Sanchez00:00.00
Boys 12 years old200MChristian Long00:00.00
Boys 12 years old200MChristopher Reed00:00.00
Boys 12 years old200MDawson Martinez00:00.00
Boys 12 years old200MDurand Johnson00:00.00
Boys 12 years old200MJordan Dailey00:00.00
Boys 12 years old200MNathan Downs00:00.00
Boys 12 years old200MRobert Dekard00:00.00
Boys 12 years old200MStephen Jenks00:00.00
Boys 12 years old200MTravis Martinez00:00.00
Boys 12 years old3000MBryan Marin00:00.00
Boys 12 years old400MAngel Sanchez00:00.00
Boys 12 years old400MChristopher Reed00:00.00
Boys 12 years old400MDawson Martinez00:00.00
Boys 12 years old400MDurand Johnson00:00.00
Boys 12 years old400MJordan Dailey00:00.00
Boys 12 years old400MKwame Parrish00:00.00
Boys 12 years old400MRobert Dekard00:00.00
Boys 12 years old400MStephen Jenks00:00.00
Boys 12 years old400MTravis Martinez00:00.00
Boys 12 years old800MRichard Murillo00:00.00
Boys 12 years old800MTravis Martinez00:00.00
Boys 12 years oldLong JumpChristian Long0.00M
Boys 12 years oldLong JumpKwame Parrish0.00M
Boys 12 years oldLong JumpNathan Downs0.00M
Boys 12 years oldLong JumpStephen Jenks0.00M
Boys 8 and Under100MAbdul Gray00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MAidan Walsh00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MAngel Lobatos00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MAustin Welch00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MAzeon Williams00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MBryson Desrosiers00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MBryston Roman00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MCaleb Lopez00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MCaleb Sheffield00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MChase Holmes00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MDylan Dowdell00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MEli Kirkpatrick00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MElijah Dixon00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MEthan Smith00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MEugene Todd00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MGionni Gonzalez00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MHestin Jackson00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MJaxson Record00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MKarson Futrell00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MKemp Corona00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MKyle Clay00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MMalachi Burrell00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MMathew Camas00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MMichael Sanchez00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MNathaniel Peinado00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MNicholas Porter00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MObiomachukwu Okonkwo00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MPaul Baltrip Jr.00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MReg'John Harmon00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MRiley Brown00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MSamuel Siler00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MSequel Melfi00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MSteven Clegg Jr.00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MTravis Silverman00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MTrey Lindberg00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MXavier Loera00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MZander Kirkpatrick00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under1500MAndrew Crawford00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MAbdul Gray00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MAidan Walsh00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MAngel Lobatos00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MAustin Welch00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MAzeon Williams00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MBryson Desrosiers00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MBryston Roman00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MCaleb Lopez00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MChase Holmes00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MChristian Lloyd00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MDylan Dowdell00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MEli Kirkpatrick00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MElijah Dixon00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MEthan Smith00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MGionni Gonzalez00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MHestin Jackson00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MJaleel Lomack00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MJamontay Jackson00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MJaxson Record00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MKarson Futrell00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MKemp Corona00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MKyle Clay00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MMalachi Burrell00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MMarkel Harrison00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MMathew Camas00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MMichael Sanchez00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MNicholas Porter00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MObiomachukwu Okonkwo00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MReg'John Harmon00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MRiley Brown00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MSamuel Siler00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MSequel Melfi00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MSteven Clegg Jr.00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MTerrell Curl00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MTravis Silverman00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MTrey Lindberg00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MZander Kirkpatrick00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MAndrew Crawford00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MAustin Welch00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MBryson Desrosiers00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MBryston Roman00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MCaleb Lopez00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MChase Holmes00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MChristian Lloyd00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MDylan Dowdell00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MEli Kirkpatrick00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MGionni Gonzalez00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MHestin Jackson00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MJamontay Jackson00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MKarson Futrell00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MKemp Corona00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MKyle Clay00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MLangston Gibbs00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MMalachi Burrell00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MMichael Sanchez00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MNathaniel Peinado00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MNicholas Porter00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MReg'John Harmon00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MRiley Brown00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MSamuel Siler00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MSequel Melfi00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MSteven Clegg Jr.00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MTerrell Curl00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MTrey Lindberg00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MXavier Loera00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MZander Kirkpatrick00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under800MAndrew Crawford00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under800MElijah Dixon00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under800MXavier Loera00:00.00
Boys 8 and UnderLong JumpAbdul Gray0.00M
Boys 8 and UnderLong JumpAidan Walsh0.00M
Boys 8 and UnderLong JumpAngel Lobatos0.00M
Boys 8 and UnderLong JumpCaleb Sheffield0.00M
Boys 8 and UnderLong JumpEthan Smith0.00M
Boys 8 and UnderLong JumpJaleel Lomack0.00M
Boys 8 and UnderLong JumpJaxson Record0.00M
Boys 8 and UnderLong JumpNathaniel Peinado0.00M
Boys 8 and UnderLong JumpPaul Baltrip Jr.0.00M
Boys 8 and UnderLong JumpTravis Silverman0.00M
Boys 8 and UnderMini JavelinEugene Todd0.00M
Boys 8 and UnderShot PutEugene Todd0.00M
Boys 8 and UnderShot PutJaleel Lomack0.00M
Girls 11 years old100MAva Mackabee00:00.00
Girls 11 years old100MBailey Hogue00:00.00
Girls 11 years old100MCiara Wooten00:00.00
Girls 11 years old100MDalani Bryant00:00.00
Girls 11 years old100MHanina McCall00:00.00
Girls 11 years old100MKahlani Brown00:00.00
Girls 11 years old100MKayla Peterson00:00.00
Girls 11 years old100MMia Chester00:00.00
Girls 11 years old100MMorgan Wilson00:00.00
Girls 11 years old100MMykhia Anderson00:00.00
Girls 11 years old100MSarah Gonzalez00:00.00
Girls 11 years old100MShelly Lawson00:00.00
Girls 11 years old100MSkylar Griffin00:00.00
Girls 11 years old1500MBailey Hogue00:00.00
Girls 11 years old200MCiara Wooten00:00.00
Girls 11 years old200MDalani Bryant00:00.00
Girls 11 years old200MHanina McCall00:00.00
Girls 11 years old200MIvanamia Cobian00:00.00
Girls 11 years old200MKahlani Brown00:00.00
Girls 11 years old200MKayla Peterson00:00.00
Girls 11 years old200MMelah Montgomery00:00.00
Girls 11 years old200MMia Chester00:00.00
Girls 11 years old200MMorgan Wilson00:00.00
Girls 11 years old200MMykhia Anderson00:00.00
Girls 11 years old200MSarah Gonzalez00:00.00
Girls 11 years old200MShelly Lawson00:00.00
Girls 11 years old200MSkylar Griffin00:00.00
Girls 11 years old400MAva Mackabee00:00.00
Girls 11 years old400MCiara Wooten00:00.00
Girls 11 years old400MHanina McCall00:00.00
Girls 11 years old400MIvanamia Cobian00:00.00
Girls 11 years old400MKahlani Brown00:00.00
Girls 11 years old400MMia Chester00:00.00
Girls 11 years old400MSarah Gonzalez00:00.00
Girls 11 years old400MShelly Lawson00:00.00
Girls 11 years oldLong JumpAva Mackabee0.00M
Girls 11 years oldLong JumpIvanamia Cobian0.00M
Girls 11 years oldLong JumpKayla Peterson0.00M
Girls 11 years oldLong JumpMelah Montgomery0.00M
Girls 11 years oldLong JumpMorgan Wilson0.00M
Girls 11 years oldLong JumpMykhia Anderson0.00M
Girls 11 years oldLong JumpSkylar Griffin0.00M
Girls 11 years oldShot PutMelah Montgomery0.00M
Girls 15 and 16 years old100MShi'Ann Brown00:00.00
Girls 15 and 16 years old100M HurdlesEricka Williams00:00.00
Girls 15 and 16 years old200MErica Roberts00:00.00
Girls 15 and 16 years old200MEricka Williams00:00.00
Girls 15 and 16 years old200MShi'Ann Brown00:00.00
Girls 15 and 16 years old400MErica Roberts00:00.00
Girls 15 and 16 years old400MEricka Williams00:00.00
Girls 15 and 16 years old800MErica Roberts00:00.00
Girls 15 and 16 years oldLong JumpEricka Williams0.00M
Girls 14 years old100MArriana Barthalomew00:00.00
Girls 14 years old100M HurdlesArriana Barthalomew00:00.00
Girls 14 years old200MAlyssa Tapanes00:00.00
Girls 14 years old200MAyanna Tate00:00.00
Girls 14 years old400MAlyssa Tapanes00:00.00
Girls 14 years old400MAyanna Tate00:00.00
Girls 14 years old400MEmma Vitela00:00.00
Girls 14 years old800M Sprint MedlyAlyssa Tapanes00:00.00
Girls 14 years old800MAlyssa Tapanes00:00.00
Girls 14 years old800MAyanna Tate00:00.00
Girls 14 years old800MEmma Vitela00:00.00
Girls 14 years oldLong JumpArriana Barthalomew0.00M
Girls 14 years oldShot PutArriana Barthalomew0.00M
Girls 9 years old100MAvanti Davis00:00.00
Girls 9 years old100MChaniyah Estrada00:00.00
Girls 9 years old100MDanisha Sweeten00:00.00
Girls 9 years old100MJordyn Wilson00:00.00
Girls 9 years old100MKaitlyn Hernandez00:00.00
Girls 9 years old100MKamiyah Satterfield00:00.00
Girls 9 years old100MKayden Bartee00:00.00
Girls 9 years old100MMiley Dowdell00:00.00
Girls 9 years old100MSamantha Kova00:00.00
Girls 9 years old200MAvanti Davis00:00.00
Girls 9 years old200MChaniyah Estrada00:00.00
Girls 9 years old200MDanisha Sweeten00:00.00
Girls 9 years old200MDulce Gomez00:00.00
Girls 9 years old200MGENESIS HERRERA00:00.00
Girls 9 years old200MJordyn Wilson00:00.00
Girls 9 years old200MKaitlyn Hernandez00:00.00
Girls 9 years old200MKamiyah Satterfield00:00.00
Girls 9 years old200MKassidy Ford00:00.00
Girls 9 years old200MKayden Bartee00:00.00
Girls 9 years old200MLeila Mackabee00:00.00
Girls 9 years old200MMiley Dowdell00:00.00
Girls 9 years old200MSamantha Kova00:00.00
Girls 9 years old400MAvanti Davis00:00.00
Girls 9 years old400MAyanna Greenidge00:00.00
Girls 9 years old400MChaniyah Estrada00:00.00
Girls 9 years old400MDanisha Sweeten00:00.00
Girls 9 years old400MDulce Gomez00:00.00
Girls 9 years old400MGENESIS HERRERA00:00.00
Girls 9 years old400MKamiyah Satterfield00:00.00
Girls 9 years old400MKassidy Ford00:00.00
Girls 9 years old400MKayden Bartee00:00.00
Girls 9 years old400MMiley Dowdell00:00.00
Girls 9 years old400MSamantha Kova00:00.00
Girls 9 years old800MAyanna Greenidge00:00.00
Girls 9 years old800MDulce Gomez00:00.00
Girls 9 years old800MGENESIS HERRERA00:00.00
Girls 9 years oldLong JumpAyanna Greenidge0.00M
Girls 9 years oldLong JumpJordyn Wilson0.00M
Girls 9 years oldLong JumpKaitlyn Hernandez0.00M
Girls 9 years oldLong JumpKassidy Ford0.00M
Girls 10 years old100MAmaya Lochard00:00.00
Girls 10 years old100MBrooke Hector00:00.00
Girls 10 years old100MBrooklyn Duran00:00.00
Girls 10 years old100MCampbell Proctor00:00.00
Girls 10 years old100MEvelyn Harper00:00.00
Girls 10 years old100MGenelle Villarreal00:00.00
Girls 10 years old100MJaden Aldridge00:00.00
Girls 10 years old100MJesselle Loera00:00.00
Girls 10 years old100MJessica Allen00:00.00
Girls 10 years old100MLayla Record00:00.00
Girls 10 years old100MLillian Olsen00:00.00
Girls 10 years old100MOKALANI GREEN00:00.00
Girls 10 years old100MRuqaya McCall00:00.00
Girls 10 years old100MSandra Holmes00:00.00
Girls 10 years old100MTriniti Cunningham00:00.00
Girls 10 years old100MTy\'shane Rispress00:00.00
Girls 10 years old200MAmaya Lochard00:00.00
Girls 10 years old200MBrooke Hector00:00.00
Girls 10 years old200MBrooklyn Duran00:00.00
Girls 10 years old200MCampbell Proctor00:00.00
Girls 10 years old200MEvelyn Harper00:00.00
Girls 10 years old200MGenelle Villarreal00:00.00
Girls 10 years old200MJaden Aldridge00:00.00
Girls 10 years old200MJesselle Loera00:00.00
Girls 10 years old200MJessica Allen00:00.00
Girls 10 years old200MLayla Record00:00.00
Girls 10 years old200MLeah Todd00:00.00
Girls 10 years old200MLillian Olsen00:00.00
Girls 10 years old200MOKALANI GREEN00:00.00
Girls 10 years old200MRuqaya McCall00:00.00
Girls 10 years old200MTy\'shane Rispress00:00.00
Girls 10 years old400MBrooke Hector00:00.00
Girls 10 years old400MGracie Factora00:00.00
Girls 10 years old400MJaden Aldridge00:00.00
Girls 10 years old400MJesselle Loera00:00.00
Girls 10 years old400MJessica Allen00:00.00
Girls 10 years old400MLeah Todd00:00.00
Girls 10 years old400MLillian Olsen00:00.00
Girls 10 years old400MRuqaya McCall00:00.00
Girls 10 years old400MSandra Holmes00:00.00
Girls 10 years old800M Sprint MedlyAmaya Lochard00:00.00
Girls 10 years old800MGracie Factora00:00.00
Girls 10 years old800MLeah Todd00:00.00
Girls 10 years oldLong JumpBrooklyn Duran0.00M
Girls 10 years oldLong JumpEvelyn Harper0.00M
Girls 10 years oldLong JumpOKALANI GREEN0.00M
Girls 10 years oldLong JumpSandra Holmes0.00M
Girls 10 years oldLong JumpTriniti Cunningham0.00M
Girls 10 years oldLong JumpTy\'shane Rispress0.00M
Girls 10 years oldShot PutTriniti Cunningham0.00M
Girls 13 years old100MAaliyah Brown00:00.00
Girls 13 years old100MAlexandra Gutierrez00:00.00
Girls 13 years old100MImani Conner00:00.00
Girls 13 years old100MJiselle Rodriguez00:00.00
Girls 13 years old100MKacie Pedersen00:00.00
Girls 13 years old100MMalaya Pickett00:00.00
Girls 13 years old100MMikayla Murphy00:00.00
Girls 13 years old100MVivianna Lopez00:00.00
Girls 13 years old100M HurdlesAaliyah Brown00:00.00
Girls 13 years old100M HurdlesAlexandra Gutierrez00:00.00
Girls 13 years old100M HurdlesIsabella Castaneda00:00.00
Girls 13 years old1500MAngelina Ojeda00:00.00
Girls 13 years old1500MJiselle Rodriguez00:00.00
Girls 13 years old1500MMiranda Palacios00:00.00
Girls 13 years old1500MVivianna Lopez00:00.00
Girls 13 years old200MAaliyah Brown00:00.00
Girls 13 years old200MBrandy Guerra00:00.00
Girls 13 years old200MImani Conner00:00.00
Girls 13 years old200MIsabella Castaneda00:00.00
Girls 13 years old200MKacie Pedersen00:00.00
Girls 13 years old200MMalaya Pickett00:00.00
Girls 13 years old200MMikayla Murphy00:00.00
Girls 13 years old400MAaliyah Brown00:00.00
Girls 13 years old400MAlexandra Gutierrez00:00.00
Girls 13 years old400MBrandy Guerra00:00.00
Girls 13 years old400MImani Conner00:00.00
Girls 13 years old400MMikayla Murphy00:00.00
Girls 13 years old400MMiranda Palacios00:00.00
Girls 13 years old800M Sprint MedlyAlexandra Gutierrez00:00.00
Girls 13 years old800M Sprint MedlyMikayla Murphy00:00.00
Girls 13 years old800MAngelina Ojeda00:00.00
Girls 13 years old800MBrandy Guerra00:00.00
Girls 13 years old800MJiselle Rodriguez00:00.00
Girls 13 years old800MMiranda Palacios00:00.00
Girls 13 years old800MVivianna Lopez00:00.00
Girls 13 years oldLong JumpBrandy Guerra0.00M
Girls 13 years oldLong JumpKacie Pedersen0.00M
Girls 12 years old100MJasmine Owens00:00.00
Girls 12 years old100MJeanna Marie Lotz00:00.00
Girls 12 years old100MKaylani Jones00:00.00
Girls 12 years old100MKaylei Combest00:00.00
Girls 12 years old100MKrysten Urias00:00.00
Girls 12 years old100MMia Abasolo00:00.00
Girls 12 years old100MSarissa Jackson00:00.00
Girls 12 years old100MSophia Sandoval00:00.00
Girls 12 years old100MStephanie Rodriguez00:00.00
Girls 12 years old1500MJeanna Marie Lotz00:00.00
Girls 12 years old1500MSydney Davis00:00.00
Girls 12 years old200MIsabella Moran00:00.00
Girls 12 years old200MJasmine Owens00:00.00
Girls 12 years old200MKaylei Combest00:00.00
Girls 12 years old200MMia Abasolo00:00.00
Girls 12 years old200MNickole Williams00:00.00
Girls 12 years old200MSarissa Jackson00:00.00
Girls 12 years old200MSophia Sandoval00:00.00
Girls 12 years old200MStephanie Rodriguez00:00.00
Girls 12 years old200MTrinity Griffin00:00.00
Girls 12 years old3000MSydney Davis00:00.00
Girls 12 years old400MAralyn Balcazar00:00.00
Girls 12 years old400MIsabella Moran00:00.00
Girls 12 years old400MJasmine Owens00:00.00
Girls 12 years old400MJeanna Marie Lotz00:00.00
Girls 12 years old400MKaylani Jones00:00.00
Girls 12 years old400MMykelle Richards00:00.00
Girls 12 years old400MNickole Williams00:00.00
Girls 12 years old400MSophia Sandoval00:00.00
Girls 12 years old400MStephanie Rodriguez00:00.00
Girls 12 years old400MSydney Davis00:00.00
Girls 12 years old800M Sprint MedlyBrianna Nesser00:00.00
Girls 12 years old800MAralyn Balcazar00:00.00
Girls 12 years old80M HurdlesKaylei Combest00:00.00
Girls 12 years old80M HurdlesKrysten Urias00:00.00
Girls 12 years old80M HurdlesMykelle Richards00:00.00
Girls 12 years old80M HurdlesTrinity Griffin00:00.00
Girls 12 years oldLong JumpAralyn Balcazar0.00M
Girls 12 years oldLong JumpMykelle Richards0.00M
Girls 12 years oldLong JumpNickole Williams0.00M
Girls 12 years oldLong JumpTrinity Griffin0.00M
Girls 12 years oldShot PutMia Abasolo0.00M
Girls 8 and Under100MAddison Inglefield00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MAhzira Camara00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MAnaya Gray00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MAniysis Foster00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MAnnabel Soriano00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MAnnabelle Davis00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MElisabeth Harper00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MEmery Aydelott00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MHalo Newhouse00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MIsabella Sandoval00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MJanaiya Taylor00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MJaydi Cruz00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MJazeline Bernal00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MKamora Thompson00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MKenedi Lindsey00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MLana Walsh00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MLaura Rios00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MLauryn Riley00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MLayla Madison00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MLeeah Combest00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MLondon Peeden00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MLondyn Riley00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MMorgan Murphy00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MReign Wheeler00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MSamantha F00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MSarah Ann Odulate00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MSarah Churchwell00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MShania Smith00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MSyniah Tisby00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MTaelyn Cunningham00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MTaryn Cunningham00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MTiana Taylor00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MZoe Okorafor00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under1500MLondon Peeden00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MAhzira Camara00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MAnaya Gray00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MAniysis Foster00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MAnnabel Soriano00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MElisabeth Harper00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MHalo Newhouse00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MJanaiya Taylor00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MJaydi Cruz00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MJazeline Bernal00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MKenedi Lindsey00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MLana Walsh00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MLaura Rios00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MLauryn Riley00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MLayla Madison00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MLeeah Combest00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MLondyn Riley00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MMiriam Loo00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MMorgan Murphy00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MSamantha F00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MSarah Ann Odulate00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MSaraii Williams00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MShania Smith00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MSyniah Tisby00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MTaelyn Cunningham00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MTaryn Cunningham00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MTiana Taylor00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MZoe Okorafor00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under400MAddison Inglefield00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under400MAhzira Camara00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under400MAnnabel Soriano00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under400MElisabeth Harper00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under400MJanaiya Taylor00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under400MJaydi Cruz00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under400MJazeline Bernal00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under400MKamora Thompson00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under400MLaura Rios00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under400MLauryn Riley00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under400MLeeah Combest00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under400MLondyn Riley00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under400MMiriam Loo00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under400MMorgan Murphy00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under400MReign Wheeler00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under400MSamantha F00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under400MSaraii Williams00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under400MShania Smith00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under400MSyniah Tisby00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under400MTaryn Cunningham00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under400MTiana Taylor00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under800MLondon Peeden00:00.00
Girls 8 and UnderLong JumpAddison Inglefield0.00M
Girls 8 and UnderLong JumpAnaya Gray0.00M
Girls 8 and UnderLong JumpHalo Newhouse0.00M
Girls 8 and UnderLong JumpIsabella Sandoval0.00M
Girls 8 and UnderLong JumpKamora Thompson0.00M
Girls 8 and UnderLong JumpKenedi Lindsey0.00M
Girls 8 and UnderLong JumpLana Walsh0.00M
Girls 8 and UnderLong JumpLayla Madison0.00M
Girls 8 and UnderLong JumpMiriam Loo0.00M
Girls 8 and UnderLong JumpReign Wheeler0.00M
Girls 8 and UnderLong JumpSarah Ann Odulate0.00M
Girls 8 and UnderLong JumpSarah Churchwell0.00M
Girls 8 and UnderLong JumpSaraii Williams0.00M
Girls 8 and UnderLong JumpTaelyn Cunningham0.00M
Girls 8 and UnderMini JavelinSarah Churchwell0.00M
Girls 8 and UnderShot PutAnnabelle Davis0.00M
Optimum SP
DivisionEventAthleteEntry Mark
Girls 11 years old100MMaya Woolforde00:13.54
Girls 11 years old200MMaya Woolforde00:27.90
Girls 11 years old400MMaya Woolforde01:03.50
Girls 10 years old100MAvery Hay00:16.00
Girls 10 years old100MReilly Hay00:16.50
Girls 10 years old200MAvery Hay00:33.50
Girls 10 years old200MReilly Hay00:34.75
Girls 10 years old400MAvery Hay01:23.00
Girls 10 years old400MReilly Hay01:25.00
Girls 8 and Under100MMorgan Woolforde00:15.99
Girls 8 and Under200MDylan Woodards00:33.50
Girls 8 and Under200MMorgan Woolforde00:32.95
Girls 8 and Under400MDylan Woodards01:22.00
Girls 8 and UnderLong JumpMorgan Woolforde0.00M
DivisionEventAthleteEntry Mark
Boys 11 years old100MAden Johnson00:00.00
Boys 11 years old100MKaleb Taylar00:00.00
Boys 11 years old200MAden Johnson00:00.00
Boys 11 years old200MKaleb Taylar00:00.00
Boys 11 years old400MAden Johnson00:00.00
Boys 11 years old400MKaleb Taylar00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MLaurence-Michael Hardeick00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MLevi Brown00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MLaurence-Michael Hardeick00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MLevi Brown00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MLaurence-Michael Hardeick00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MLevi Brown00:00.00
Girls 10 years old100MKai Harris00:00.00
Girls 10 years old200MKai Harris00:00.00
Girls 10 years old400MKai Harris00:00.00
Girls 12 years old100MEricka Love00:00.00
Girls 12 years old200MEricka Love00:00.00
Girls 12 years old400MEricka Love00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MGenesis Saunders00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MGenesis Saunders00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under400MGenesis Saunders00:00.00
Optimum Speed
DivisionEventAthleteEntry Mark
Boys 10 years old100MIsaiah Greer00:00.00
Boys 10 years old100MJeremiah Greer00:00.00
Boys 10 years old200MIsaiah Greer00:00.00
Boys 10 years old200MJeremiah Greer00:00.00
Boys 10 years old400MIsaiah Greer00:00.00
Boys 10 years old400MJeremiah Greer00:00.00
Boys 13 years old400MGavin Hightower00:00.00
Boys 13 years old800MGavin Hightower00:00.00
Boys 13 years oldLong JumpGavin Hightower0.00M
Boys 12 years old100MWahi Traylor00:00.00
Boys 12 years old200MWahi Traylor00:00.00
Boys 12 years old400MWahi Traylor00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MKayden Hardnett00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MKayden Hardnett00:00.00
Girls 11 years old100MMakala Traylor00:00.00
Girls 11 years old100MNatiel Osborne00:00.00
Girls 11 years old100MTillie Cater00:00.00
Girls 11 years old200MJadynce Newsome00:00.00
Girls 11 years old200MJourney Cole00:00.00
Girls 11 years old200MMakala Traylor00:00.00
Girls 11 years old200MNatiel Osborne00:00.00
Girls 11 years old200MTillie Cater00:00.00
Girls 11 years old400MJadynce Newsome00:00.00
Girls 11 years old400MJourney Cole00:00.00
Girls 11 years old400MMakala Traylor00:00.00
Girls 11 years old400MNatiel Osborne00:00.00
Girls 11 years oldLong JumpJadynce Newsome0.00M
Girls 11 years oldLong JumpJourney Cole0.00M
Girls 11 years oldLong JumpTillie Cater0.00M
Girls 14 years old200MJordyn Brooks00:00.00
Girls 14 years old400MJordyn Brooks00:00.00
Girls 14 years oldLong JumpJordyn Brooks0.00M
Girls 9 years old100MA\'Mielle Calhoun00:00.00
Girls 9 years old100MGazelle Williams00:00.00
Girls 9 years old200MA\'Mielle Calhoun00:00.00
Girls 9 years old200MGazelle Williams00:00.00
Girls 9 years old400MA\'Mielle Calhoun00:00.00
Girls 9 years old400MGazelle Williams00:00.00
Girls 10 years old100MMakenzie Davis00:00.00
Girls 10 years old200MMakenzie Davis00:00.00
Girls 10 years old400MMakenzie Davis00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100Mriley henderson00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200Mriley henderson00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under400Mriley henderson00:00.00
PowerPlay Youth Track
DivisionEventAthleteEntry Mark
Boys 11 years old100MJordan Lightfoot00:00.00
Boys 11 years old200MJordan Lightfoot00:00.00
Boys 11 years old400MJordan Lightfoot00:00.00
Boys 14 years old100MBrian Ogelsby00:00.00
Boys 14 years old200MBrian Ogelsby00:00.00
Boys 14 years old400MBrian Ogelsby00:00.00
Boys 14 years oldLong JumpBrian Ogelsby0.00M
Boys 9 years old1500MDerek Yates00:00.00
Boys 9 years old400MDerek Yates00:00.00
Boys 9 years old800MDerek Yates00:00.00
Boys 10 years old100MEliseo Veliz00:00.00
Boys 10 years old200MEliseo Veliz00:00.00
Boys 10 years old400MEliseo Veliz00:00.00
Boys 13 years old100M HurdlesLaRon Hall00:00.00
Boys 13 years old400MLaRon Hall00:00.00
Boys 13 years old800MLaRon Hall00:00.00
Boys 13 years oldLong JumpLaRon Hall0.00M
Boys 8 and Under200MCody Yates00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under400MCody Yates00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under800MCody Yates00:00.00
Girls 11 years old100MMikayla Navarro00:00.00
Girls 11 years old100MNatalie Bell00:00.00
Girls 11 years old100MSophia Abich00:00.00
Girls 11 years old100MTeara Wedlow00:00.00
Girls 11 years old200MNatalie Bell00:00.00
Girls 11 years old200MSophia Abich00:00.00
Girls 11 years old200MTeara Wedlow00:00.00
Girls 11 years old400MNatalie Bell00:00.00
Girls 11 years old400MNdiah Hall00:00.00
Girls 11 years old400MSophia Abich00:00.00
Girls 11 years old80M HurdlesMikayla Navarro00:00.00
Girls 11 years old80M HurdlesNdiah Hall00:00.00
Girls 11 years oldLong JumpMikayla Navarro0.00M
Girls 11 years oldLong JumpNdiah Hall0.00M
Girls 11 years oldShot PutTeara Wedlow0.00M
Girls 14 years old100MClaire Burnley00:00.00
Girls 14 years old100M HurdlesVivienne Coupe00:00.00
Girls 14 years old1500MNicole Bell00:00.00
Girls 14 years old200MClaire Burnley00:00.00
Girls 14 years old3000MNicole Bell00:00.00
Girls 14 years old400MClaire Burnley00:00.00
Girls 14 years old400MNicole Bell00:00.00
Girls 14 years old800MNicole Bell00:00.00
Girls 14 years old800MVivienne Coupe00:00.00
Girls 14 years oldHigh JumpVivienne Coupe0.00M
Girls 14 years oldLong JumpClaire Burnley0.00M
Girls 14 years oldLong JumpVivienne Coupe0.00M
Girls 9 years old100MTelena McIver00:00.00
Girls 9 years old200MTelena McIver00:00.00
Girls 9 years old400MTelena McIver00:00.00
Girls 10 years old100MAaliyah Ortiz00:00.00
Girls 10 years old100MBria Reese00:00.00
Girls 10 years old100MSkai Wilson00:00.00
Girls 10 years old1500MNicole Sampson00:00.00
Girls 10 years old200MAaliyah Ortiz00:00.00
Girls 10 years old200MBria Reese00:00.00
Girls 10 years old200MMarina Vosloo00:00.00
Girls 10 years old200MSkai Wilson00:00.00
Girls 10 years old400MMarina Vosloo00:00.00
Girls 10 years old800M Sprint MedlyAaliyah Ortiz00:00.00
Girls 10 years old800M Sprint MedlyBria Reese00:00.00
Girls 10 years old800M Sprint MedlyMarina Vosloo00:00.00
Girls 10 years old800M Sprint MedlyNicole Sampson00:00.00
Girls 10 years old800MNicole Sampson00:00.00
Girls 10 years oldMini JavelinSkai Wilson0.00M
Girls 13 years old100MJaylah Bonds00:00.00
Girls 13 years old100MKalea Montgomery00:00.00
Girls 13 years old100MMia Navarro00:00.00
Girls 13 years old100M HurdlesKalea Montgomery00:00.00
Girls 13 years old100M HurdlesMia Navarro00:00.00
Girls 13 years old1500MBerlin LaMunyon00:00.00
Girls 13 years old200MJaylah Bonds00:00.00
Girls 13 years old200MKalea Montgomery00:00.00
Girls 13 years old200MKaty Moore00:00.00
Girls 13 years old200MMia Navarro00:00.00
Girls 13 years old3000MBerlin LaMunyon00:00.00
Girls 13 years old400MBerlin LaMunyon00:00.00
Girls 13 years old400MJaylah Bonds00:00.00
Girls 13 years old400MKaty Moore00:00.00
Girls 13 years old800MBerlin LaMunyon00:00.00
Girls 13 years old800MKaty Moore00:00.00
Girls 13 years oldLong JumpJaylah Bonds0.00M
Girls 13 years oldLong JumpKalea Montgomery0.00M
Girls 13 years oldLong JumpKaty Moore0.00M
Girls 13 years oldLong JumpMia Navarro0.00M
Girls 12 years old100MRaisa Miller00:00.00
Girls 12 years old100MSarai Addai00:00.00
Girls 12 years old100MSariah Jenkins00:00.00
Girls 12 years old200MElla Gentry00:00.00
Girls 12 years old200MMirrah Morton00:00.00
Girls 12 years old200MNa`lajah James00:00.00
Girls 12 years old200MRaisa Miller00:00.00
Girls 12 years old400MElla Gentry00:00.00
Girls 12 years old400MKarina Guzman00:00.00
Girls 12 years old400MNa`lajah James00:00.00
Girls 12 years old400MSarai Addai00:00.00
Girls 12 years old800MKarina Guzman00:00.00
Girls 12 years old80M HurdlesRaisa Miller00:00.00
Girls 12 years oldLong JumpElla Gentry0.00M
Girls 12 years oldLong JumpMirrah Morton0.00M
Girls 12 years oldLong JumpNa`lajah James0.00M
Girls 12 years oldMini JavelinMirrah Morton0.00M
Girls 12 years oldMini JavelinSarai Addai0.00M
Girls 12 years oldMini JavelinSariah Jenkins0.00M
Girls 12 years oldShot PutKarina Guzman0.00M
Girls 12 years oldShot PutSariah Jenkins0.00M
Girls 8 and Under100MMaliya Navarro00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MSaraya Montgomery00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MMaliya Navarro00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MSaraya Montgomery00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under400MMaliya Navarro00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under400MSaraya Montgomery00:00.00
PUSH Track and Field
DivisionEventAthleteEntry Mark
Boys 11 years old100MDavid Botts00:15.00
Boys 11 years old100MNoah Smith00:15.00
Boys 11 years old1500MTaye Newman00:00.00
Boys 11 years old200MDavid Botts00:30.00
Boys 11 years old200MNoah Smith00:30.00
Boys 11 years old400MDavid Botts01:10.00
Boys 11 years old400MNoah Smith01:10.00
Boys 11 years old800MTaye Newman00:00.00
Boys 14 years old100MAnthony Baker00:00.00
Boys 14 years old200MAnthony Baker00:00.00
Boys 14 years old400MAnthony Baker00:00.00
Boys 9 years old100MDylan Merrick00:00.00
Boys 9 years old100MKenneth Arnold00:00.00
Boys 9 years old200MDylan Merrick00:00.00
Boys 9 years old200MKenneth Arnold00:00.00
Boys 10 years old100MGerald Biggers00:00.00
Boys 10 years old200MGerald Biggers00:00.00
Girls 14 years old1500MDaniela Martinez00:00.00
Girls 14 years old800MDaniela Martinez00:00.00
Girls 9 years old100MCionna Carter00:00.00
Girls 9 years old200MCionna Carter00:00.00
Girls 12 years old100MJaya Westby00:14.00
Girls 12 years old100MMorgan King00:15.00
Girls 12 years old200MJaya Westby00:30.00
Girls 12 years old200MMorgan King00:31.00
Girls 12 years old400MJaya Westby01:07.00
Girls 12 years oldLong JumpMorgan King0.00M
Girls 8 and Under100MBrooke Veazey00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MBrooke Veazey00:00.00
Girls 8 and UnderLong JumpBrooke Veazey0.00M
Rise N Fly Track Club
DivisionEventAthleteEntry Mark
Boys 11 years old100MEthaniel Wilson00:00.00
Boys 11 years old100MJavon Brown00:00.00
Boys 11 years old200MJavon Brown00:00.00
Boys 11 years old400MEthaniel Wilson00:00.00
Boys 11 years old400MKy\'on Dupree00:00.00
Boys 11 years old800MEthaniel Wilson00:00.00
Boys 11 years old800MKy\'on Dupree00:00.00
Boys 11 years oldLong JumpKy\'on Dupree0.00M
Boys 11 years oldShot PutJavon Brown0.00M
Boys 15 and 16 years old100MJAYDEN PETOSKEY00:00.00
Boys 15 and 16 years old200MJAYDEN PETOSKEY00:00.00
Boys 15 and 16 years old400MJAYDEN PETOSKEY00:00.00
Boys 15 and 16 years old800MJAYDEN PETOSKEY00:00.00
Boys 9 years old100MElijah Washington00:00.00
Boys 9 years old100MEthan Wilson00:00.00
Boys 9 years old100MKhalil Gayton00:00.00
Boys 9 years old200MEthan Wilson00:00.00
Boys 9 years old400MCody Bookil00:00.00
Boys 9 years oldLong JumpCody Bookil0.00M
Boys 9 years oldLong JumpEthan Wilson0.00M
Boys 9 years oldMini JavelinCody Bookil0.00M
Boys 9 years oldMini JavelinElijah Washington0.00M
Boys 9 years oldMini JavelinKhalil Gayton0.00M
Boys 9 years oldShot PutElijah Washington0.00M
Boys 9 years oldShot PutKhalil Gayton0.00M
Boys 10 years old100MJAYSON SEBASTIAN00:00.00
Boys 10 years old100MMicah Little00:00.00
Boys 10 years old100MRyder Lopez00:00.00
Boys 10 years old200MCA\'RON WILLIAMS00:00.00
Boys 10 years old200MJAYSON SEBASTIAN00:00.00
Boys 10 years old200MJORDEN WOODS00:00.00
Boys 10 years old200MMicah Little00:00.00
Boys 10 years old400MCA\'RON WILLIAMS00:00.00
Boys 10 years old400MJORDEN WOODS00:00.00
Boys 10 years old400MRyder Lopez00:00.00
Boys 10 years old800M Sprint MedlyCA\'RON WILLIAMS00:00.00
Boys 10 years old800M Sprint MedlyJORDEN WOODS00:00.00
Boys 10 years old800M Sprint MedlyMicah Little00:00.00
Boys 10 years old800M Sprint MedlyRyder Lopez00:00.00
Boys 10 years oldLong JumpJAYSON SEBASTIAN0.00M
Boys 13 years old100MCharles Mcdonald00:00.00
Boys 13 years old100MJUSTUS WOODS00:00.00
Boys 13 years old100MLawrence Williams00:00.00
Boys 13 years old200MCharles Mcdonald00:00.00
Boys 13 years old200MJUSTUS WOODS00:00.00
Boys 13 years old200MLawrence Williams00:00.00
Boys 13 years old400MCharles Mcdonald00:00.00
Boys 13 years old400MJUSTUS WOODS00:00.00
Boys 13 years old400MLawrence Williams00:00.00
Boys 13 years oldLong JumpCharles Mcdonald0.00M
Boys 13 years oldLong JumpJUSTUS WOODS0.00M
Boys 13 years oldLong JumpLawrence Williams0.00M
Boys 12 years old100MDANTE POLIVKA00:00.00
Boys 12 years old100MDaryus Dixson00:00.00
Boys 12 years old1500MLanden Bookil00:00.00
Boys 12 years old200MDaryus Dixson00:00.00
Boys 12 years old800MLanden Bookil00:00.00
Boys 12 years oldHigh JumpDANTE POLIVKA0.00M
Boys 12 years oldLong JumpDANTE POLIVKA0.00M
Boys 12 years oldLong JumpDaryus Dixson0.00M
Boys 12 years oldShot PutLanden Bookil0.00M
Boys 8 and Under100MArmani Fowler00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under100MPryce Mcdonald00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MArmani Fowler00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MPryce Mcdonald00:00.00
Boys 8 and UnderLong JumpArmani Fowler0.00M
Boys 8 and UnderLong JumpPryce Mcdonald0.00M
Girls 14 years old100M HurdlesSARIENA DANIELS00:00.00
Girls 14 years old200MSARIENA DANIELS00:00.00
Girls 14 years oldHigh JumpSARIENA DANIELS0.00M
Girls 14 years oldShot PutSARIENA DANIELS0.00M
Girls 12 years old100MJaden Lopez00:00.00
Girls 12 years oldLong JumpJaden Lopez0.00M
Girls 12 years oldMini JavelinJaden Lopez0.00M
Girls 8 and Under100MBrandi Henderson00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under100MVivianna Gonzalez00:00.00
Girls 8 and Under200MBrandi Henderson00:00.00
Girls 8 and UnderLong JumpBrandi Henderson0.00M
Girls 8 and UnderLong JumpVivianna Gonzalez0.00M
Girls 8 and UnderMini JavelinVivianna Gonzalez0.00M
DivisionEventAthleteEntry Mark
Boys 14 years old100MMacky Lee00:00.00
Boys 14 years old200MMacky Lee00:00.00
Boys 14 years old400MMacky Lee00:00.00
Boys 10 years old100MKai Cole00:00.00
Boys 10 years old200MKai Cole00:00.00
Boys 10 years oldLong JumpKai Cole0.00M
Boys 8 and Under100MKase Cole00:00.00
Boys 8 and Under200MKase Cole00:00.00
Boys 8 and UnderLong JumpKase Cole0.00M
Girls 9 years old100MTamara Horner00:00.00
Girls 9 years old200MTamara Horner00:00.00
Girls 10 years old200MA\'shari Hobbs00:00.00
Girls 10 years old400MA\'shari Hobbs00:00.00
Girls 10 years old800MA\'shari Hobbs00:00.00
Girls 13 years old100MLorie Lee00:00.00
Girls 13 years old200MLorie Lee00:00.00

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